About Us

STACEY GRAZIANO, PHD (Owner/Clinical Psychologist)

Dr. Stacey Graziano is a licensed psychologist in Utah and New Mexico. She has specialized in the diagnostic assessment of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and other developmental delays for the past 10 years. At Mountain West Autism Services, Dr. Graziano conducts comprehensive diagnostic assessments focused on ASD.?

Prior to starting Mountain West Autism Services, Dr. Graziano worked as an early childhood school psychologist where she developed a specialization in the assessment of young children. As a school psychologist for the past 13 years Dr. Graziano consulted with teachers, related services providers, and families on evidence based behavioral interventions. In addition to her work as a school psychologist Dr. Graziano also conducts ASD assessments through the University of Utah’s Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinic and in conjunction with several behavior agencies in New Mexico.?

She completed her doctoral degree at the University of Utah in 2015 ?where she specialized in evidence based assessment and interventions with young children. During her graduate training Dr. Graziano completed a practicum placement at the Carmen B. Pingree Autism Center of Learning and has also completed coursework in applied behavior analysis.?