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Tricare outcome measures

We perform Tricare Outcome Measures in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota,  Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. Contact us today to get started on the intake process, and to figure out the next steps in your child’s diagnostic assessment.

Step 1: Fill out our Outcome Measure and Consent For Treatment Form.

Step 2: Receive a call from our office manager within 72 business hours after completing these forms, to start the services and answer any questions

Step 3: Receive an email from our company with links to complete the Vineland 3, SRS-2 and the PSI-4/SIPA

Step 4: Please Complete all rating scales within 20 days and click finish or submit at the end to send back to our office for review.

Step 5: Our office will fax the completed rating scales to Tricare 

In order to identify your child in the Tricare system you will be asked for either your sponsor’s SSN or the child’s DBN. Please put your sponsor’s SSN or child’s DBN in the Insurance ID section on the consent form.

Our Services are perfect for military families just starting the ASD Evaluation process or for those continuing services through the Autism Care Demonstration.

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